the game of daydreaming

InFlow VR


An Immersive,
Contemplative Experience

Dive into endless audio-reactive synesthetic spaces.

Inflow VR allows you to experience your favorite music in a unique way, through a breathtaking environment responsive to sound frequencies, movement and intensity.

New Medium, New Language

Abandon yourself in the exploration of emotional landscapes, or create them:

Craft your own experience by collecting visual components along your journey, modify and re-combine them to create the perfect atmosphere for your tracks, and share it with the community.

One Tool, Many Uses

Inspired by automatic visualization and hypnagogia, Inflow VR adapts its gameplay to your input in real time, making it an organic tool that can be stimulating, meditative, relaxing or creative. The game offers varied mechanics, visualizations and modes to let you experience music the way you want.


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